Forms & Permits

Complaint Form

The purpose of the complaint form is to guide the Village Council, Mayor, Clerk, Solicitor, and citizens of the Village of Corwin in filing, investigating, and researching complaints. Also, to establish a formal procedure allowing public officials and Village staff to remedy or determine a resolution to the matter, if and when applicable. The Village is committed to maintaining the quality of service, diversity, empowerment, integrity, professionalism, and teamwork and improving relationships between Village Council members, Mayor, Village employees, and the citizens. The Village is very concerned about those items that might impact the citizens of our community. It is the policy of the Village to seriously consider matters brought to our attention or lodged by citizens. Effective action will be taken to address and correct the complaint when appropriate.



Zoning Applications

Understanding the need for streamlined processes, we've made available two essential forms for both residents and developers:

  1. General Zoning Permit Form: This form is tailored for standard zoning requests. Whether you're looking to modify, expand, or build within the Village of Corwin, this downloadable PDF will guide you through the required documentation and procedures.
  2. Planned Development Form: For those aiming at more comprehensive or large-scale developments, this form encompasses all the necessary details and guidelines. As with our general form, this is also available as a downloadable PDF for ease of access.

Both forms have the associated zoning policies attached to them to ensure that you're informed about all necessary stipulations, requirements, and expectations. We urge you to thoroughly review these before submitting, to ensure a seamless approval process.

If at any point you require clarification or assistance, do not hesitate to contact our office. We are committed to supporting your endeavors and seeing Corwin grow harmoniously.


Council Rules

The Village of Corwin has implemented guidelines to structure the organization, behavior, and overall actions within its meetings. These rules are crafted to promote efficient and orderly meetings, ensuring that all government-related matters are addressed promptly and effectively. Furthermore, the rules emphasize the importance of public participation. They are designed to create a conducive environment where community members who wish to express their views or concerns have a clear and accessible platform to engage meaningfully with the council. This approach facilitates smoother proceedings and reinforces the principles of transparency, inclusivity, and responsiveness in local governance.