Garbage & Recycling


Currently, the Village of Corwin has entered into a contractual agreement with Rumpke of Ohio to provide solid waste removal services. These contracts are typically five-year agreements once assigned to a service provider.

The Village collaborates closely with the Warren County Solid Waste District during bidding to help identify the most suitable vendor. This process ensures we secure the best possible service provider, one that is capable of meeting the needs of our Village while also offering competitive rates.

Even though the Village pays the initial bill for the trash removal service monthly, it is essential to note that we seek reimbursement for these expenses from our residents and local businesses. This reimbursement is conducted through a back-billing process, with the fees for trash services assessed as part of each property owner's water and sewer bill from the Warren County Water and Sewer Department.

This arrangement is designed to streamline payment processes, making it easier for the Village and our citizens. It also ensures that the cost of maintaining clean and tidy neighborhoods is fairly distributed among all those who benefit from the service.

We are committed to providing quality public services to our residents and will continue to work diligently to ensure the needs of our community are met effectively and efficiently.

Trash and Recycling Collection Information for Village of Corwin Residents:

Trash Collection Schedule: Trash and recyclables are collected curbside every Monday. Please ensure your trash and recycling bins are placed at the curb before collection time.

  • Customer Service Contact: If you have any service issues, questions, or concerns, please contact Rumpke at (800) 582-3107. When calling, please remember to mention that you are a resident of the Village of Corwin.
  • Holiday Schedule: Rumpke's holiday schedule, which might cause changes to our regular trash collection day, can be accessed at their official website:
  • Curbside Guidelines: For information on what you can and cannot put in your trash and recycling bins, as well as how to prepare your items for collection, please refer to Rumpke's Curbside Guidelines:

Thank you for your cooperation and for doing your part in keeping the Village of Corwin clean and environmentally friendly. If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out.